Historia Magistra Vitae – History is the Master – Teacher of our Life Alexander S. Nadas: My Teacher and Friend (1913 – 2000)

Prof. Zoltan G. Mesko, M.D, FAAC, FAPP
Vydanie CL: 
2019 - 01

Who would not know – in my specialty of Pediatric Cardiology – the names of Robert Gross of Boston, Helen Taussig, Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas of Baltimore, the elegant James DuShane of Mayo Clinic, the humane Dan MacNamara of Texas and the serious John Keith of Toronto and last, but not least, Alex S. Nadas of Boston. What a round table association of unique physicians, founders of our speciality. I was lucky to meet and work with most of them except Alfred Blalock and John Keith.