Flash update on MitraClip based treatment of mitral regurgitation

Ondrus T, Penicka M, Kotrc M, Vanderheyden M, Bartunek J
Vydanie CL: 
2017 - 04

Despite the evidence of unfavourable prognosis, around half of patients with severe MR are not referred for surgery due to high per-operative risk. MitraClip (Abbott Vascular-Structural Heart, Menlo Park, California, United States) implantation is an emerging percutaneous technique with edge-to-edge MV repair inspired by the Alfieri surgery. Favourable safety profile together with improvement of functional status and decrease of MR severity in high-surgical-risk patients have been demonstrated in randomized clinical trials and ‘‘real-world’’ registries for both primary and secondary MR. Our own data confirmed its safety and efficacy comparing to minimally invasive MV surgery in treatment of functional MR in population with severe systolic heart failure.